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3. Zoom ⁄ Reset in Firefox, Tutorial

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Zoom in - Zoom out - Reset - Zoom only text

How to: Zoom a whole page or just the text on a page ⁄Reset a page to its default values:

  1. Zoom in:
    • View-Zoom-Zoom In
    • CTRL + + ⁄CTRL + Mouse scroll Up
  2. Zoom out:
    • View-Zoom-Zoom Out
    • CTRL + - ⁄CTRL + Mouse scroll Down
  3. Reset:
    • View-Zoom-Reset
    • CTRL + 0
  4. Zoom only the Text on a page:
    • View-Zoom-Zoom Text Only

Video demonstration: Firefox Zoom ⁄Reset

3. Zoom ⁄ Reset in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:08 Zoom In -View menu
00:14 Zoom In -shortcut keyboard
00:18 Zoom In -shortcut keyboad+mouse (easiest way)
00:20 Zoom Out -shortcut keyboad+mouse (easiest way)
00:23 Zoom Out -shortcut keyboard
00:29 Zoom Out -View menu
00:41 Reset page -View menu
00:47 Zoom Text Only -View menu
00:51 Zoom Text Only -shortcut