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3. The Scratchpad tool in Firefox, Tutorial

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Learn to use the Scratchpad tool

Part of the Web Developer Tools, the Scratchpad tool allows you to test JavaScript code on a web page through a text editor interface.
You can import a whole .js page and test it, fully or partially (just the selected part), or you can simply write the JavaScript code you want and run it.
You can also Inspect or Display the returned result of the executed code.

  1. Open ⁄ Close:
    • Tools-Web Developer-Scratchpad
    • shortcut: Shift + F4
  2. File: Open
    • Execute: Run ⁄Inspect ⁄Display (1st example)
  3. Write the JavaScript:
    • Run (2ndexample)

Video demonstration Firefox Scratchpad tool

3. The Scratchpad tool in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:11 OPEN ⁄CLOSE Scratchpad:
00:11 open Scratchpad -Tools menu
00:14 close Scratchpad -click on 'x'
00:17 open Scratchpad -shortcut
00:21 USE Scratchpad:
00:21 1stExample: open javascript file
00:30 we will dynamically add the Caption 'Table no 1' to the table which has the id='tableone'
00:45 Note: the table has no caption
00:49 run the js code
00:50 caption successfully added
00:54 inspect
01:01 display
01:26 2ndExample: adding border ⁄changing the background color of a div element