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Firefox Tutorial

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2. Sidebars in Firefox, Tutorial

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Sidebars (Bookmarks or History) in Firefox

Display ⁄Hide the Bookmarks Sidebar or the History Sidebar :

  1. Bookmarks sidebar:
    • View-Sidebar- Bookmarks
    • CTRL + B
  2. History sidebar:
    • View-Sidebar-History
    • CTRL + H

Video demonstration Firefox Sidebars

2. Sidebars in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:08 display Bookmarks in sidebar -View menu
00:11 close sidebar
00:14 display Bookmarks in sidebar -shortcut
00:18 display Bookmarks Toolbar
00:20 Note: bookmarks(Bookmarks Toolbar) = bookmarks(sidebar)
00:28 display History in sidebar -View menu
00:32 display History in sidebar -shortcut