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Firefox Tutorial

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1. Display Bookmarks in Firefox, Tutorial

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Learn to Display - Organize - Search through Bookmarks in Firefox


  1. Show:
    • Bookmarks-Show All Bookmarks
    • CTRL + Shift + B
  2. Organize:
    • Cut ⁄Copy ⁄Paste ⁄Delete⁄..
  3. View:
    • choose which items to display
  4. Search:
    • search through saved bookmarks

Video demonstration Firefox: Display Bookmarks

1. Display Bookmarks in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:07 Show All Bookmarks -Bookmarks menu
00:13 Show All Bookmarks -shortcut
00:19 Bookmarks Toolbar (Library window)
00:24 Bookmarks Toolbar
00:26 match
00:27 Bookmarks Menu (Library window)
00:31 Bookmarks Menu
00:32 match
00:34 Unsorted Bookmarks moved in Bookmarks Menu (Library window)
00:57 delete a bookmark from Bookmarks Menu (Library window)
01:08 copying a bookmark from Bookmarks Menu to Bookmarks Toolbar(Library window)
01:29 hide items (e.g. Visit Date) Bookmarks (Library window)
01:40 sort Bookmarks (Library window)
01:44 search through all Bookmarks (Library window)