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7. JavaScript Deminifier in Firefox, Tutorial

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Learn to use the JavaScript Deminifier

JavaScript Deminifier is a very useful add-on which can be easily installed in Firefox. It allows you to de-minify the minified JavaScript code.In the video tutorial below is also presented both minified and non-minified JavaScript code to highlight the difference.

  1. JS Deminifier 0.2
    • installing the add-on
    • testing the add-on

Video demonstration Firefox JS Deminifier add-on

7. JavaScript Deminifier in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:21 minified javascript code
00:24 not minified javascript code
00:30 JS Deminifier will be installed to properly view the javascript code
00:38 open Add-ons manager window
00:40 searching the JS Deminifier add-on
00:54 installing JS Deminifier add-on
01:08 testing JS Deminifier add-on