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!doctype html

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HTML5 Doctype declaration

The Doctype declaration ensures standards compliant rendering »video

About Doctype

Display & support Doctype

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Parents, children Doctype

The Doctype declaration is the first element of your HTML5 document: it has no parents nor children »video

Attributes Doctype

Syntax Doctype

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!doctype HTML>
<!doctype html> »video

Attributes and Values Doctype (comma separated)

not applicable

Video demonstration Doctype declaration

HTML5 Doctype declaration Tutorial

min video details
00:07 the doctype declaration is present, therefore the web Browser renders the web Page in 'Standards compliance mode'
00:29 QUIRKS mode:
00:26 when doctype declaration is absent, the web Browser renders the web Page in 'Quirks mode'
00:41 doctype declaration ensures standards compliant rendering

Quirks mode :

Browsers 'Quirks mode' ensures backwards compatibility for web pages (websites) created ⁄designed in the past for old browsers, which, back then, did not align 100% with W3C and IETF specs.