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HTML5 area element

The area element allows you to mark up areas on an image map; the areas can be hyperlinked; it is used together with the map element. »video

About area

Display & support area

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Parents, area

Attributes area


Shapes and their coordinates: how to

Adding coordinates for each type of shape »video

Syntax area

1<area> »video

Attributes and Values area (comma separated)

<areaattribute="attribute_value(s)"> Video Examples
1. specific attributes
1.alt=text» video<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1">
2.coords=number»video<area shape="circle" coords="76, 189, 56" >
3.download=string»video<area href="x.php" alt="x" download="x.php">
4.href=URL»video<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1">
5.hreflang=language code»video<area href="region1.php" alt="region 1" hreflang="fr">
6.rel=alternate, author, bookmark, help
license, next, nofollow, noreferrer
prefetch, prev, search, sidebar, tag
»details<area href="help.php" alt="help" rel="help">
7.shape=circle, poly, rect, default»video<area shape="circle" coords="76, 189, 56" >
8.target=_blank, _self, _parent, _top,
a valid browsing-context name
»video<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" target="_blank">
9.type=MIME type»video<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" type="text⁄html">
All Specific Attributes
2. global attributes
1.accesskey=keyboard key»img<area accesskey="h">
2.class=class name»html »img<area class="class_name">
3.contenteditable="",  , true, false »html<area contenteditable="true">
4.contextmenu=menu id value»html<area contextmenu="menu_id_value">
5.data-*= value -<area data-http-error="404">
6.dir=ltr, rtl, auto»html<area dir="ltr">
7.draggable= true,  , false»img<area draggable="false">
8.dropzone= copy, move, link, string:, file: -<area dropzone="copy">
9.hidden= "",  , hidden»html »img<area hidden="hidden">
10.id=id name»html »img<area id="unique_id_name">
11.itemid= URL --
12.itemprop= string »link »a-
13.itemref= string --
14.itemscope= "",  , itemscope--
15.itemtype= absolute URL --
16.lang=language code »html »head»title »img<area lang="en">
17.spellcheck="",  , true, false»html<area spellcheck="true">
18.style=CSS property:value»html »img<area style="color:red">
19.tabindex= integer »img<area tabindex="3">
20.title=text»html »link»style »abbr»dfn
»img »meter
<area title="html page">
21.translate="", yes, no»html »img<area translate="yes">
All Global Attributes
3. global event attributes
1.onclick=script» list<element onclick="script" > ...
2.ondblclick=script» list<element ondblclick="script" > ...
All Event Attributes

Video demonstration area element

HTML5 area and map elements Tutorial

min video details
00:05 map element server rendering client-side image maps
00:12 map element must have area elements as children which allow you to define through its attributes: different shapes (4: circ, poly, rect, default), their coordinates, their destination link
00:32 map element must have a name attribute whose value is used as value of the usemap attribute on img element, preceded by #
00:44 this is how you connect an img element to a map element
00:50 when the img element and the map element are connected, these coordinates refer to a circular area on this image
00:59 these coordinates refer to a rectangular area on this image
01:06 these coordinates refer to a polygon area on this image
01:13 on this image: when we will click on the circular area, we will be taken to "round_zone.php"
01:22 when we will click on the rectangular area, we will be taken to "rectangle_zone.php"
01:28 when we will click on the polygon area, we will be taken to "polygon_zone.php"
01:35 test
01:41 test result: ok
the image is a client-side image map thanks to map element

For more information about the area element, please see the specs: W3CWHATWG