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HTML5 base element

The base element allows you to:
- set a base URL (absolute) for all the relative urls that don't precede it, through href attribute »video
- set a default browsing context through target attribute »video
- set a base URL AND a default browsing context if using both attributes: href, target »video

About base

Display & support base

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Parents base

Attributes base

observation: both href and target attributes can be used in the same time on the base tag: <base href="" target=""> »video

Browsing contexts

All browsing-contexts explained: new, current, parent, top, nested »video

Override, on Element level, the default browsing context set through base element »video


The base tag resolves only the relative URLs that don't precede it »video

Syntax base

1<base> »video

Attributes and Values base (comma separated)

<baseattribute="attribute_value(s)"> Video Examples
1. specific attributes
1.href=URL»video<base href="http://www.example.com/folder1/">
2.target=_blank, _self, _parent, _top,
a valid browsing-context name
»video<base target="_blank">
All Specific Attributes
2. global attributes
1.accesskey=keyboard key»img
2.class=class name»html »img
3.contenteditable="",  , true, false »html
4.contextmenu=menu id value»html
5.data-*= value -
6.dir=ltr, rtl, auto»html
7.draggable= true,  , false»img
8.dropzone= copy, move, link, string:, file: -
9.hidden= "",  , hidden»html »img
10.id=id name»html »img
11.itemid= URL -
12.itemprop= string »link »a
13.itemref= string -
14.itemscope= "",  , itemscope-
15.itemtype= absolute URL -
16.lang=language code »html »head»title »img
17.spellcheck="",  , true, false»html
18.style=CSS property:value»html »img
19.tabindex= integer »img
20.title=text»html »link»style »abbr»dfn
»img »meter
21.translate="", yes, no»html »img
All Global Attributes
3. global event attributes
1.onclick=script» list<element onclick="script" > ...
2.ondblclick=script» list<element ondblclick="script" > ...
All Event Attributes

Video demonstration base element

HTML5 base element: set base url, set browsing context

min video details
00:08 in this video demonstration we will use both attributes on bas tag: href and target
00:14 view Page Source code
00:14 THE href ATTRIBUTE
00:17 the base url is set through href attribute; in other words, the value of the href attribute represents the base url, which in our case is:
00:23 this base url will resolve all relative urls in page that don't precede it; linked.html is one of them
00:30 it means that the result url will be: base url + relative url
00:34 mouse over the hyperlink Location1, in the left bottom corner you'll see the url requested by the browser to the server which is: the base url (absolute) + the relative url
00:37 this is how the base url (absolute) resolves the relative urls in page
00:43 THE target ATTRIBUTE
00:44 it means that the targeted browsing context for all hyperlinks/forms that involves navigation, will be: a blank new browsing context → the linked pages for example will open in a brand new window or tab depending on your browsing settings
00:54 checking browser's settings: Tools - Options - Tabs - Open new windows in a new tab instead
00:57 test: clicking on Location1, which is a hyperlink
00:58 test result: ok; the page opened in a new tab
01:00 changing browser's settings: Tools - Options - Tabs - Open new windows in new window
01:05 test: clicking on Location1, which is a hyperlink
01:07 test result: ok; the page opened in a new window
01:08 new window versus new tab; both represents a new browsing context targeted through the value "_blank" of the target attribute

For more information about the base element, please see the specs: W3CWHATWG