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img class attribute

The class attribute on the img element:

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<imgattribute="value(s)" >Examples
2.class=class name<img src="image.jpg" alt="alt text" class="class_name">

"class_name" = the value of the class attribute
"class_name" = the name of a defined CSS class inside an internal ⁄ external style sheet

Video demonstration img class attribute

HTML5 img class attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:05 video tutorial: class attribute on img
00:11 inside style element, we defined 1 CSS rule for elements having the class="bd"
00:17 multiple images are embedded into our document
00:23 let's apply this css rule to the 2nd image
00:44 the 2nd image has now a 4px outset border
00:54 the same class can be added on multiple elements on the same page → the CSS rule(s) corresponding to that class will apply to all those elements
01:02 the 1st and 3rd image have now a 4px purple outset border
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