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img id attribute

The id attribute on the img element:


<imgattribute="value(s)" >Examples
10.id=id name<img src="image.jpg" alt="alt text" id="ax">

"ax" = this value is unique per id per HTML page
(only 1 id attribute can have this value / HTML page)

Video demonstration img id attribute

HTML5 img id attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:05 video tutorial: id attribute on img
00:10 the id attribute on img allows you to target 1 specific image on page and do something: apply a script, a css rule, link an element to that image
00:16 3 images are embedded on page
00:23 inside style element 2 css rules are defined: 1 rule / CSS id selector
00:28 the CSS rules refer to the type of the cursor: e-resize and wait; we will apply these rules to our images
00:32 by default the cursor type is: auto;
00:53 the cursor type for the first image is: e-resize
00:59 since an id is an unique identifier, the value of an id must be unique per page
01:03 2 ids have the same value per page → this is wrong !
01:12 the 2 ids have different values → this is correct
01:08 thus, we have:
1st image cursor type: e-resize
2nd image cursor type: wait
3rd image cursor type: auto
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