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img client-side image map vs. server-side image map

ismap vs usemap

The difference between: a client-side image map AND a server-side image map :
The client-side image map:The server-side image map:
1. Required attribute 1. Required attribute
usemap="#value" ismap
2. Required element 2. Required element
the value of its name attribute is the value of the usemap attribute on img element, preceded by #
3. Defining coordinates 3. Defining coordinates
inside area element, child of a map element inside a .map file, whose MIME type ⁄ Handler must be added on Server inside .htaccess file like this:
AddType application/x-httpd-imap map (for Apache - old versions) OR
AddHandler imap-file map (for Apache - new versions)
NOTE: there's a difference between the way the coordinates are defined inside area element vs .map file !
See Apache Module mod_imagemap on httpd.apache.org
4. Processing coordinates 4. Processing coordinates
in Browser on Server:
inside httpd.conf file, make sure Apache's module mod_imagemap is enabled
5. @ mouse over clickable areas 5. @ mouse over clickable areas
destination link file.map?Xcoordinate,Ycoordinate
6. tooltip 6. tooltip
yes, through title attribute no tooltip
Example: see the video tutorial below

Video demonstration img attributes: usemap vs. ismap

usemap(client-side: BROWSER) vs. ismap(server-side: SERVER)

min video details
00:02 client-side image map versus server-side image-map
video demo
00:08 common resources
00:12 the same image will be used in both cases: as client-side image map and then as a server-side image map
00:24 Differences:
00:24 1. attributes
00:24 client-side uses usemap
server-side uses ismap
00:32 2. required element
00:32 client-side: requires map element
server-side: requires a element
00:37 the value of the name attribute of map element represents the value of the usemap attribute from img element, preceded by hash
00:46 3. defining coordinates
00:32 client-side: inside area element
server-side: inside .map file, value of href attribute of a element: that a element, parent of img element which ismap
00:35 differences in defining coordinates, shapes, links in both cases: client-side image map ⁄ server-side image map
01:25 on Apache web server, a .map file will be treated as imagemap file ONLY if the corresponding MIME type ⁄ Handler is added inside .htaccess
01:42 4. processing coordinates
01:42 client-side: in Browser
server-side: on Server
01:59 note: the coordinates could not be processed by the Browser, we need to test it form the Server
02:22 test result: ok from Server
02:42 for server-side image maps, on Server, make sure the Module mod_imagemap is enabled, file httpd.conf (if using XAMPP, remove the #)
03:03 5. @ mouse over the clickable areas
03:03 client-side: destination link
server-side: file.map?XcoordinateYcoordinate
03:40 5. @ mouse over tooltip
03:40 client-side: tooltip displays, through title attribute
server-side: no tooltip
03:55 if no special reason of using server-side image maps, use a clinet-side image maps
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