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img accesskey attribute

The accesskey attribute on the img element:


<imgattribute="value(s)" >Examples
1.accesskey=keyboard key<<img> src=".." alt="alt text" accesskey="i">

Video demonstration accesskey attribute on img

HTML5 img accesskey attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:02 video tutorial: accesskey attribute on img
00:04 the accesskey attribute on img allows you to focus or activate that image through a keyboard key
00:17 in Firefox,Windows the key combination that activates the image is: Alt+Shift+accesskey which is in our case "i"

the key combination is different function of Browser and OS
00:22 it means that the function "openw()" will execute when:
- clicking on the image OR
- when pressing: Alt+Shift+i (if Firefox on Windows)
00:31 test: clicking on the image: result ok
00:39 testing the accesskey: Alt+Shift+i
00:41 test result ok: the function was executed → the image was activated (focused) through i keyboard key
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