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img draggable attribute

The draggable attribute on the img element:


<imgattribute="value(s)" >Examples
7.draggable= true,  , false <img src=".." alt="alt text " draggable="false">

Video demonstration img draggable attribute

HTML5 img draggable attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:04 video tutorial: draggable attribute on img
00:14 1st image: it depends on the user agents default behavior, which in the case of the img element must return true → the image must be draggable even if the draggable attribute is missing
00:22 test
00:24 test result ok: the image is draggable
00:28 2nd image: draggable="true" returns true → the image is draggable
00:33 test
00:35 test result ok: the image is draggable
00:37 3rd image: draggable="false" returns false → the image is not draggable
00:42 test
00:44 test result ok: the image is not draggable
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