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img ismap attribute

The ismap attribute on the img element:


<imgattribute="value(s)" >Examples
3.ismap="",  , ismap<img src="sitemap.jpg" alt="image description" ismap>

Video demonstration img ismap attribute

HTML5 img ismap attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:01 video demo server-side image map
ismap attribute on img
xampp v.1.8.0 apache server v2.4
00:07 ismap attribute on img element transforms a regular image into an image map by connecting it to a server-side image map (e.g. a .map file)
00:13 facts:
00:13 all these files have been uploaded on server, inside htdocs directory, in a folder called ismap
00:33 the index.php file contains the img element nested inside a element
00:38 treasure_map.jpg is the embedded image through img element
00:48 sample_map is the file that holds the coordinates of the clickable areas of the image treasure_map.jpg
01:18 start Apache
01:25 access the ismap folder on server
01:32 test
01:33 not ok: instead of being taken to round_zone.php file, the content of the sample.map file displays
01:46 important checkings:
01:46 inside httpd.conf file, the mod_imagemap module must be enabled
02:09 restart the server
02:24 test
02:27 still doesn't work
02:30 the corresponding handler for the .map file must be added inside the .htaccess file
02:54 not ok yet: the image does not act like an image map
02:59 reopening index.php file form ismap folder on server
03:09 add the ismap attribute to img element
03:20 test
03:22 test result: ok
03:29 reminder:
1. mod_imagemap must be enabled
2. add handler ⁄ MIME type for the .map file
3. add ismap attribute on img tag
4. to define coordinates in sample.map, see Module "mod_imagemap" on httpd.apache.org
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