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html class attribute

The class attribute on the html element:

Important Note: using the class attribute on the html tag together with conditional statements allows you to ensure the cross browser compatibility to your website!


2.class=class name<html class="ie"> ... <⁄html>

"ie" = the name of a defined CSS class inside an internal ⁄ external style sheet

Video demonstration html class attribute

HTML5 html class attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:01 launch Mozilla Firefox
00:05 launch Internet Explorer
00:01 launch Mozilla Firefox
00:09 open "class.php" file in Mozilla Firefox web browser (drag and drop)
00:12 open the same file "class.php" in Internet Explorer web browser (drag and drop)
00:15 please note the difference: text colored differently function of the web browser
00:17 the text displays in Red in Internet Explorer
00:22 the text displays in Blue in Firefox
00:29 we manage to display different colors for text function of the web browser by using classes together with conditional statements
00:33 open the HTML file in Notepad++
00:41 in green, commented, displays the conditional statements:
1st conditional statement:

[if IE] = if the browser is Internet Explorer, then
<html class="ie"> = apply the defined CSS class "ie" to the whole document
00:49 we defined 1 rule (referring to text color) for the CSS class "ie" inside the HTML style element
01:08 the 2nd conditional statement:

[if !IE] = if the browser is NOT Internet Explorer, then
<html> = no CSS class applied, but we defined a CSS rule (referring to color) on the html selector inside the HTML style element
<![endif]>, below
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