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img tabindex attribute

The tabindex attribute on the img element:


<imgattribute="value(s)" >Examples
19.tabindex= integer <img src=".." alt="alt text " tabindex="1">

Video demonstration img tabindex attribute

HTML5 img tabindex attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:02 video tutorial: tabindex attribute on img
00:06 tabindex attribute on img makes that image focusable and allows you to set its order when navigating through focusable elements
00:14 tabindex attribute is not present on our images → the images are NOT focusable
00:22 test: navigating in page using tab key form the keyboard
00:23 focusable areas in this order:
1. browser tab
2. navigation toolbar
3. search toolbar
4. the body of the page
00:37 the images are not focusable right now
00:38 making the 3rd image focusable, order 1→ becomes the first focusable element in page
00:51 test result ok: first tab hit focused the 3rd image: see the dotted border
01:02 making the 1st image focusable too , order 2 → becomes the second focusable element in page
01:11 test:
1. 3rd image
2. 1st image
3. browser tab
4. navigation toolbar
5. search toolbar
6. the body of the page
01:29 making the 3rd image focusable too , order 3 → becomes the third focusable element in page
01:40 test focusable elements in this order:
1. 3rd image
2. 1st image
2. 2nd image
4. browser tab
5. navigation toolbar
6. search toolbar
7. the body of the page
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