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link title attribute

The title attribute on the link element:


<linkattribute="value(s)" >Examples
20.title=text<link rel="next" href="x.php" title="X Page">

Video demonstration link title attribute

HTML5 link title attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:09 this video tutorial presents the title attribute on a link element
00:12 the value of the title attribute is: text
00:21 1st example
00:21 for the selected link element:
- "about_author.php" linked page provides information about the author
- we can add a title for this linked resource through title attribute
00:34 adding the title attribute to link element
00:36 adding a relevant text value, our choice, as value of title attribute: "Information about the author of the document"
00:43 this text value represents purely advisory information
00:49 2nd example
00:50 we will link the next resource: "help.php" to our page and will add a corresponding title
01:04 since the page "help.php" provides help information for the page that linked it (index.php), we've added the next title: "Help Page"
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