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a itemprop attribute

The itemprop attribute on the a element:

microdata: itemprop attribute on the a element

The itemprop attribute is part of the microdata concept (microdata = a micro(small) data about the existing data on page, easily readable by user agents (search engine spiders)).

In the video tutorial below we make a part of our content machine-readable (human-readable is already) by adding microdata on an a elements.

The purpose of using microdata is to provide more information about your page's content to the search engine spiders, thus enriching the browsing experience of web users.


<a href="http://..." itemprop="url" >.. <⁄a>

Video demonstration a itemprop attribute

HTML5 a itemprop attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:05 video tutorial: a element, itemprop attribute
objective: understanding theitemprop attribute applied on a element
00:13 we, are telling the web users that someone.com represents the URL of the website of the Person called Someone; the http://someone.com displays once the user clicks the hyperlink 'someone.com'
00:25 BUT how can we tell the search engines spiders the same thing?
00:38 the answer is: by using the itemprop attribute (microdata)
00:47 the item type: Person supports the 'url' property → we can add the 'url' property as value of the itemprop attribute in our HTML page
01:00 the text 'someone.com' represents the url & the value of the url is: http://someone.com for search engine spiders too, not only for humans
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