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base href attribute

The href attribute on the base element:


<baseattribute="value(s)"> Examples
1.href=URL<base href="http://www.example.com/folder1/">
<base href="http://www.example.com/folder1/index.php">

Video demonstration base href attribute

HTML5 base href attribute, Tutorial

min video details
00:01 launching Firefox
00:05 accessing the html demo file
00:07 base tag allows you to set a base url for all relative urls in page taht don't precede it
00:14 one of the 2 attribute (href, target) or both, are required on base element
00:20 in this video we will demonstrate the <base> tag together with the href attribute
00:24 the file called "index_no_base_element.php" has no <base> tag inside it
00:33 inside head section, there's only 3 elements: meta, title and link; no base element
00:38 adding the <base> tag before link element inside the head section
00:46 adding also the href attribute to it
00:52 adding the value of the href attribute = a valid absolute url which will represent the base url; url which will resolve all relative urls in page
00:54 since we will upload this test file on w3v-test.com, we will specify the base(absolute) url as: http://www.w3v-test.com/
01:06 note: all our resources are located inside the "basetest" folder: the main.css file, the images...
01:24 we can extend our base url to include this basetest directory too
01:32 thus, we no longer have to specify it on each resource → it can be removed → shorter relative urls
01:43 http://google.com is an absolute url; our fresh set base url has no impact on it; the base url impactes only relative urls AND only those which don't precede it
01:53 accessing on server an html page which does not contain the base url
01:54 in browser's first tab: the html page contains base element
in browser's fsecond tab: the same html page but this one does not contain the base element
02:11 comparing the source code of the 2 html pages:
- left side: base url present, includes basetest folder → the relative urls no longer contain basetest folder
- right side: base url absent → basetest folder specified on all relative urls
02:28 TEST:
- opening Location1 hyperlink, from the html page which includes a base url
- opening Location1 hyperlink, from the html page which does not contain the base element
02:43 the resulting url is the same, opens the same page, no difference
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