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html lang attribute

The lang attribute on the html element:


16.lang=language code<html lang="en"> ... <⁄html>
<html lang="fr"> ... <⁄html>

Video demonstration html lang attribute

HTML5 html lang attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:02 launch lang.php file in browser
00:04 open lang.php file in Notepad++
00:08 the content of the page is in English, the language code is "en"
00:12 the value of the lang attribute is: language code (e.g. "en" or "fr" or..)
00:12 adding the lang attribute, value:"en" to the html tag
00:17 saving the modifications in Notepad++ and refreshing the file in browser
00:19 testing: <html lang="en">
00:20 result: nothing happens; it is normal; specifying the language of the document is useful for user agents
00:23 if the content of your page is in French you will add the "fr" language code as value of the lang attribute applied on the html tag
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