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style title attribute

The title attribute on the style element:


20.title=text<style title="Lighter"> CSS rules <⁄style>

Video demonstration style title attribute

HTML5 style title attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:10 video tutorial: style element, title attribute
objective: adding a title to an alternative style sheet
00:18 adding the title attribute to style element
00:22 since the page is blue, we can call this style "blue"; this name represents the value of the title attribute which is the title of this internal style sheet
00:31 in browser, this title displays in: View → Page Style;
00:33 you can actually select the alternative style, by clicking on its name, moment when the existing style of the web page is replaced by this alternative style
00:39 adding another style to the page and a title to it
00:59 test: selecting the alternative style sheet, the green one
01:02 the green style applies to the web page
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