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html style attribute

The style attribute on the html element:

Warning: inline style should be avoided as much as possible, use CSS external style sheets instead.


18.style=CSS property:value<html style="color:#fff"> ... <⁄html>
<html style="font-weight:bold"> ... <⁄html>
<html style="text-decoration:underline"> ... <⁄html>

Video demonstration html style attribute

HTML5 html style attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:02 launch "style.php" file in browser
00:05 open "style.php" file in Notepad++
00:11 the value of the style attribute: CSSproperty:value
00:15 There are 3 different ways of stylying your web page, using:
1. external style - the most recommended
2. internal style
3. inline style - the less recommended
00:15 1. external style - the most recommended
00:20 2. internal style
00:29 3. inline style - the less recommended:
- adding the style attribute on html tag
- adding one CSS property: "CSSproperty:value"
- adding more than one CSS property : "CSSproperty1:value;CSSproperty2:value "
00:39 saving the modifications in Notepad++ and refreshing the file in browser
00:42 testing: <html style="color:#fff">
00:31 result:the page's content is colored in white
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