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base, a override browsing context

Learn to override, on Element level, the default browsing context.

If you set a default browsing-context for all hyperlinks in page, through base element, like this:

<base target="_blank">, all hyperlinks open in a new browsing-context (new browsing window)

but you want 1 hyperlink from that page to open in a different browsing-context, e.g. the current browsing-context = the current window.
In this case you need to add the current browsing context on element level like this:

<a href="url" target="_self">link<⁄a>

Video demonstration base, how to override the default browsing context

HTML5 base, override default browsing context, Tutorial

min video details
00:17 adding the base tag in page, inside head section
00:20 setting a default browsing-context:
00:30 refreshing the page
00:32 test: clicking on hyperlinks
00:34 test result ok: all hyperlinks open in a new browsing context (a new window)
00:45 let's set a different browsing-context for hyperlink Page3
00:55 on Element level (the a element) we are adding the target="_self"
01:11 all hyperlinks opens in a new browsing context (a new window) except Page3 which will open in the current browsing window
01:14 refreshing the page
01:15 testing all hyperlinks
01:24 all but one open in a new browser window; the one, Page3, opens in the current window
01:26 this is how you can override the default targeted browsing context on Element level
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