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HTML5 warnings, constraints, observations, notes, parallels between elements, examples

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html documents properly encoded - declared - decoded
browsers encoding precedence
the microdata concept
encoding declaration state
transparent content model
fallback content
browsing contexts
placeholder label option
document outline; install HTML5 outliner
the cross browser compatibility
date ⁄time using Z or GMT+/UTC+ or GMT-/UTC-
local date and time vs. global date and time
valid time-datetime formats in HTML5
meter: segments, values, colors, attributes
the consequences of not resizing manually the images
client-side image map vs. server-side image map
hgroup outline (heading + subheadings) example
shapes and their coordinates: how to
hyperlink versus external resource link
avoid adding comments within elements that expect text content
the forbidden characters within a comment
data element vs. time element
caption versus figcaption: see the difference
div versus span: when each should be used ?
style element vs. style attribute
title element vs. title attribute
br element vs. the wbr element
ul versus ol
span element versus span attribute
option(s) selected versus option(s) pre-selected
disable an option versus disable a group of options
link element: examples & interpretations
base tag: if precede then applies
figure, figcaption tags:1 example
figure, figcaption tags:3 examples
select element: example and interpretation
ruby, rp , rt example
q: wrong usage: do not use the q element for its visual effect
select element: constraints
iframe: src vs srcdoc; iframe fallback content