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meter fallback content ⁄meter

The fallback content on the meter element

Example fallback content

fallback content<meter> fallback content <⁄meter>

Video demonstration meter fallback content

HTML5 meter element, fallback content Tutorial

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: fallback content on meter element
00:06 the content inside the meter element represents fallback content and it is displayed by Browsers that do not support the meter element
00:12 for the moment, there's no content inside the meter element (between the start tag and the end tag)
00:18 test in 2 browsers:
1. Mozilla Firefox19: supports the meter element
2. Internet Explorer9: does not support the meter element
00:31 FF: the length of the green bar indicates browser's usage
00:37 IE9: nothing indicates browser's usage
00:41 we will add corresponding fallback content inside each meter element
00:53 the fallback content does not display in Firefox because meter element is supported
00:55 the fallback content displays in IE9 because meter element is NOT supported
00:58 providing fallback content for meter element is recommended!
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