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When the data element should be used ? vs. When the time element should be used ?

Use data element to mark up data + the value attribute for its machine-readable value

Use time element to mark up dates ⁄times + datetime attribute for its machine-readable value, valid time-datetime format !

Video demonstration data versus time

HTML5 data versus time Tutorial

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: data element versus time element
00:05 data element allows you to mark up data
00:07 time element allows you to mark up dates/times
00:13 five represents a data and has been marked up with data element and the machine-readable format has been provided through value attribute
00:22 December 15, 2015 represents a date and will be marked up with time element while the machine-readable format is provided through datetime attribute: 2015-12-15 value that must be a valid time-datetime format
data intro data parents - children data syntaxdata value attribute