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HTML5 documents: encode - declare - decode

Encoding HTML5 documents

You should always specify the character encoding set used to encode your document for the web browsers to know which character set to use to decode it in order to render properly.

The HTML5 documents should be:

Video demonstration HTML5 documents encode, declare, decode

HTML5 documents encode, declare, decode Tutorial

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00:00 encode, declare, decode HTML5 documents video demonstrations
00:02 character sets
Why it is so important to properly encode and declare the characater encoding set used by your HTML document ?
00:10 let's add the very basics of an HTML page, containing both ASCII and non-ASCII characters
00:21 let's encode it UTF-8
00:27 without declaring it, let's test it in browser
00:35 different characters display in browser
00:40 the browser picked it up as Western instead of Unicode encoding and the special characters (non-ASCII) displayed garbled
00:45 let's declare that we encoded our document UTF-8
00:53 the browser now picks it up as Unicode (UTF) and our non-ASCII characters display properly
01:04 Note: Always pay attention on the encoding set used when you save your document, in order to know what to declare for the e.g. browsers toknow how to decode it