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q ... ⁄q wrong usage example

Wrong usage q element

q element introduces an inline quotation and should be used only for that and not for its visual effect: the quotation marks.

If you need quotation marks arround words, expressions, use special characters.

Video demonstration q, example of wrong usage

HTML5 q element, wrong usage Tutorial

min video details
00:05 video tutorial: wrong usage q element: example
00:11 the browser display of the 2 paragraphs is identical, but the semnatic is wrong in the first case, since 'wonderful' does not represent a quotation and q introduces a quotation → q element should not be used
00:22 q element has been used only for its visual effect: the quotation marks; and this is WRONG !
00:26 the 2nd example (paragraph) is correct because special characters “ ” have been used for quotation marks
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