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1. Library window in Firefox, Tutorial

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Your Navigation History displayed in Library window

Set up Firefox to Remember History or not : »video
Never remember browsing History, browse in private mode: »video
Display History within a Sidebar: »video

Display History in Library Window, steps :

  1. Open Library Window and Show History:
    • History-Show All History
    • CTRL + Shift + H
  2. Search through your browsing History
  3. Choose extra items to display
  4. Import History from other Browsers

Video demonstration: Firefox Library window (History)

1. Library window in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 display all History -History menu
00:12 display all History -shortcut
00:25 history(History menu) = history(Library window)
00:35 search through History -Library window
00:40 clear search History -Library window
00:46 display more items (e.g. Visit Date) History -Library window
00:53 import History from other Browsers -Library window
00:54 example: import History