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4. The Style Editor in Firefox, Tutorial

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Learn to use the Style Editor

Part of the Web Developer Tools, the Style Editor allows you to inspect and edit the Style of a web page.Once accessed, the Style Editor window loads both the internal and external style sheets which can now be manipulated as you wish:deactivate ⁄activate ⁄modify ⁄save a copy on your computer ⁄import and test new styles on the current web page.

Inside the Style Editor window you can modify and test the style as you wish, without a worry. These modifications are temporary, viewable by YOU only on your own computer. Once you refresh your web Browser, they disappear.

  1. Open ⁄ Close:
    • Tools-Web Developer-Style Editor
    • shortcut: Shift + F7
  2. modify the current style
  3. import new style sheet
  4. create new style sheet

Video demonstration Firefox Style Editor

4. The Style Editor in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:12 OPEN ⁄CLOSE Style Editor:
00:12 open Style Editor -Tools menu
00:16 close Style Editor -click on 'x'
00:19 open Style Editor -shortcut
00:31 Note: the style displayed in Style Editor window is the style from your HTML file(internal style sheet) and⁄or your CSS file(external style sheet) and can be seen in Page Source Code
00:50 in 'view Page Source' you can't modify the style, you can only view it
00:56 in Style Editor window you can modify the existing style, create new style sheet, disable existing style sheet or importing a new one and test it
01:00 USE Style Editor:
01:00 Style Editor -delete CSS rule
01:14 Style Editor -disable style sheet
01:15 Style Editor -enable style sheet
01:22 Style Editor -modify CSS rule
01:29 Style Editor -add CSS rule
01:42 Style Editor -save the style sheet
01:52 Style Editor -import style sheet
02:19 Style Editor -create style sheet
02:46 Style Editor -save the recently created style sheet
03:24 if you have both internal and external style sheets in your HTML page, Style Editor will display them accordingly so you can work on the one you want
03:55 External style sheets can also be modified in Style Editor window