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1. Downloads Folder ⁄Window in Firefox, Tutorial

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Downloads Folder and Downloads Window

How to change the default Downloads folder,

  1. Change Downloads folder:
    • Tools-Options-General-Save files to
  2. Open Downloads window:
    • Tools-Downloads
    • CTRL + J
  3. Example

Video demonstration: Firefox Downloads Folder ⁄Window

1. Downloads Folder ⁄Window in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:06 open 'Options' window
00:11 creating a new folder 'd', on the desktop, for all future downloads
00:17 changing the existing 'Downloads' folder by clicking on 'Browse' button
00:21 new downloads folder selected
00:27 open Downloads window -Tools menu
00:32 open Downloads window -shortcut
00:43 example: firefox download
00:49 example: Downloads window opens
00:53 example: Open Containing Folder - 'd'
example: indeed, Firefox installer has been saved in 'd' folder
01:14 example: clear Downloads window