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Firefox Tutorial

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3. Profiles in Firefox, Tutorial

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Learn to create - test - switch - delete Profiles in Firefox


  1. create new profile
  2. test new profile
  3. switch profiles
  4. folder path - new profile
  5. delete new profile

Video demonstration Firefox: Profiles

3.1 Guest Profile in Firefox

min video details
00:03 open Firefox
00:05 we customized it: default theme: changed, background-color: changed, links color: changed, bookmarks:added ...
00:12 those changes can be seen in 'about:config' page, the preferences in bold, status: user set
00:14 more information: 'about:config': video tutorial here
00:20 the directory of each profile can be found at: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
00:34 close Firefox before creating a new Profile
00:35 Windows Start-> run-> firefox.exe -P ->Profile pop-up window displays
00:47 create new Firefox profile
00:51 name it: our case: 'guest' and hit the 'Finish' button
00:55 note: now we have two profiles: the default one - whic is customized and the brand new one called guest
00:57 untick the option: 'Don't aks at startup', this way each time Firefox starts we will be prompted to choose between the two profiles
01:14 let's choose the 'guest' profile to be loaded
01:17 the 'guest' profile displays; it's a brand new profile
01:32 let's load the 'default' profile this time
01:36 the 'default' profile has been loaded
01:46 note: a new folder corresponding to the new profile has been created;
in this folder will be stored all user preferences
01:52 delete a profile: Windows Start-> run-> firefox.exe -P ->Profile pop-up window displays, select(click) the profile to be deleted, click on 'Delete Profile..' button
02:04 Firefox 'guest' profile deleted

3.2 New Profile when experiencing Firefox Problems

min video details
00:04 if you're experiencing problems with Firefox, there's no need to uninstall it; you can create a brand new functional profile and delete the old problematic one

the steps are easy and it takes only a few seconds
1. Windows Start
2. type in: run
3. type in: firefox.exe -P
4. Profile pop-up window displays
5. click 'Create profile..' button
6. name it if you want
7. Finish (button) the process
01:01 Firefox starts loading the new profile
00:00 NOTE: video 3.1 New profile /Guests presents in the same way the process of creation of a new profile from a 'guest' perspective