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Firefox Tutorial

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2. Files in Firefox, Tutorial

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While working with Files in Firefox

Basic actions:

  1. Open:
    • File-Open File
    • CTRL+O
    • drag and drop files ⁄images into browser
  2. New Window:
    • File-New window
    • CTRL+N
    • opened File-right click-Move to New Window
  3. Close: the same as for Tabs

Video demonstration: Files in Firefox

2. Files in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:07 open File -File menu
00:20 open File -shortcut
00:29 open File -drag and drop
00:34 open New Window -File menu
00:43 open New Window -shortcut
00:47 opened File moved to New Window
00:52 open File (shortcut) in New Window
01:01 closing the two windows by closing the Browser