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7. Advanced tab in Firefox, Tutorial

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Firefox » Tools menu » Options » Advanced tab presented

Advanced tab, General section presents options regarding: scrolling, spelling and page navigation.

Advanced tab, Network section offers you options to configure proxies (an Elite Proxy can Protect your Identity on Internet) and also information about your Cached and Offline Web Content.

  1. General:
    • Use cursor keys to navigate
    • Autoscrolling
    • Smooth scrolling
  2. Network:
    • Connection (Manual Proxy configuration)

Video demonstration Firefox: Advanced tab General section

7.1 Advanced tab General section in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:11 page navigation using cursor keys is off
00:18 open Options window -Advanced-General
00:25 Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages
00:34 test: we are using only the keyboard keys to navigate ⁄select text ⁄scroll page
01:02 do NOT use autoscrolling
01:06 test result: ok (autoscroll wheel does not display)
01:13 Use autoscrolling
01:16 test result: ok (autoscroll wheel displays)
01:35 Smooth scrolling is off
01:38 test result: ok
01:43 Smooth scrolling is on
01:45 test result: ok

7.2 Advanced tab Network section in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:11 open Options window -Advanced-Network
00:19 open Connection Settings window
00:21 Manual proxy configuration option
00:29 searching for 'elite proxy servers'
00:35 select a website corresponding to your search term/expression -in our case 'elite proxy list'-
00:40 the proxy list might look like this one, containing the ip, the port number, proxy type, country...; note the ip and the port number somewhere (e.g. a notepad file)
00:47 go back to the 'Manual proxy configuration' option, in Firefox and type the ip and the port number
00:52 you can use the same proxy server for all protocols by ticking the option 'Use this proxy server for all protocols'
01:04 Clear History before testing the Proxy server
01:12 testing the Proxy server
01:17 test1 result: ok (we used a French Proxy so Google identify us as being form France)
01:26 new testing - Proxy server: google search 'ip locator' or 'ip address Locator' or 'ip Location Finder'.. basically search for any website that can trace or track an IP Address
01:33 test2 results: ok
01:42 switch back to 'No proxy' mode