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Firefox Tutorial

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1. Toolbars in Firefox, Tutorial

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Learn to Display - Hide - Add - Customize new Toolbars in Firefox

  1. View existing Toolbars:
    • Navigation Toolbar
    • Bookmarks Toolbar
    • Add-on Bar and how to customize it
  2. Add new Toolbar : customize the new toolbar

Video demonstration: Toolbars in Firefox

1. Toolbars in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 Menu Bar missing
00:07 Menu Bar displayed -ALT key pressed
00:16 display Navigation Toolbar
00:23 display Bookmarks Toolbar
00:39 Add new Toolbar
00:49 Customize new Toolbar
01:09 Restore Default Settings
01:15 display Add-on Bar
01:19 customize the Add-on Bar
01:38 close the Add-on Bar