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2. Backup Bookmarks in Firefox, Tutorial

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Backup Bokmarks ⁄ Import Bookmarks from other Browsers

You can Backup and Restore your Bookmarks (.json file) or Export and Import them back via .html file.

  1. Backup-Restore:
    • export .json file
    • restore .json file
  2. Export-Import:
    • export bookmarks file.html
    • import bookmarks file.html
    • import bookmarks from other browsers

Video demonstration Firefox Backup Bookmarks

2. Backup Bookmarks in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 Show All Bookmarks -Bookmarks menu
00:08 Backup bookmarks (Library window)
00:12 save .json file on the computer
00:20 Example: deleting the bookmarks; will be restored via .json file
00:31 Restore bookmarks (Library window)
00:38 importing .json file previously exported (Library window)
00:48 bookmarks restored via .json file
00:56 Export Bookmarks to HTML (Library window)
01:14 Import Bookmarks from HTML (Library window)
01:23 bookmarks restored via .html file
01:40 'Yahoo Mail' bookmark from IE will be imported in Firefox
01:51 Import bookmarks from another browser
02:09 IE bookmarks successfully imported in Firefox