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Firefox Tutorial

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3. Content tab in Firefox, Tutorial

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Firefox » Tools menu » Options » Content tab presented

Pay an extra attention to the 'Content' tab: make sure 'Load images automatically' option and 'Enable JavaScript' option are both ticked, otherwise the images of the web pages you visit, won't load ⁄ the JavaScript won't be executed.Additionally you can decide whether to block pop-up windows, add exceptions, change Fonts and colors and also set a Preferred language for displaying pages.

  1. Block pop-up windows
  2. Load images
  3. Enable JavaScript
  4. Change sites default text font⁄size
  5. Change the web pages background color
  6. Change the web pages background color

Video demonstration Firefox Content tab

3. Content tab in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:07 open Options window -Content
00:13 Block pop-up windows
00:16 test: block pop-up windows
00:17 test result: ok (2 pop-up blocked)
00:21 pop-up windows NOT blocked
00:26 test: pop-up windows allowed
00:27 test result: ok (2 pop-ups display)
00:37 Block pop-up windows BUT add exceptions
00:41 exception added
00:43 testing the exception added
00:44 test result: ok
00:50 view exceptions
00:53 exceptions removed
00:56 Load images automatically
00:59 test: load images automatically
01:00 test result: ok (images are loaded)
01:05 do NOT Load images automatically
01:08 test: the images should not load automatically
01:09 test result: ok (images aren't loaded)
01:15 load images: add exceptions
01:21 load images: exception added
01:24 load images: test exception
01:26 load images: test exception result: ok
01:30 JavaScript enabled
01:32 test: JavaScript enabled
01:33 test result: ok (when javascript is disabled a warning message displays)
01:40 JavaScript disabled
01:43 test: JavaScript disabled
01:44 test result: ok (the warning message displays)
Note: we programmed this warning message to display, Firefox does not display a default message when javascript is disabled
01:59 web pages: change default font⁄size
02:03 untick option "Allow pages to choose their own fonts... "
02:12 test: changing text font
02:15 test result: ok
02:46 changing colors
02:54 test result: ok
03:21 open Languages window
03:22 select⁄add⁄position - new Language
03:33 test - new Language
03:35 test result- ok (default language is French)
03:43 switching back to English