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6. Security tab in Firefox, Tutorial

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Firefox » Tools menu » Options » Security tab presented

Pay an extra attention to 'Security' tab: the option "Remember passwords for sites" ticked, stores your login information (username, passwords) for your online accounts.

The "Saved Passwords" button allows you to display all usernames and passwords saved. To increase security you may set a Master password.

Additionally you can tick few more options provided by Firefox to protect yourself, like "Block reported attack sites".

  1. Passwords:
    • No passwords
    • Remember passwords
    • View saved passwords
    • Use a master password
    • Remove master password
    • Remove saved passwords

Video demonstration Firefox: Security tab

6. Security tab in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:06 open Options window -Security
00:16 Do not remember Passwords for sites
00:17 open 'Saved Passwords' window, which is empty
00:25 test
00:33 test result: ok
00:43 Remember Passwords for sites
00:47 test
00:52 test result: ok (prompt displays allowing us to select 'Remember Passwords' option)
01:14 test result: ok (username and password remembered)
01:27 view saved username
01:31 view saved password
01:34 NOTE: the Facebook password for that account has been changed RIGHT AFTER the video was made
01:40 Use a master password
01:51 test1: master password
01:52 test1 result: ok
02:14 Note: don't forget to clean cookies before testing again
02:25 test2: master password
02:27 test2 result: ok
02:45 remove master password
03:00 test1: master password removed
03:02 test1 result: ok
03:10 remove saved passwords ⁄usernames
03:16 test1:saved password removed
03:17 test1 result: ok