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3. Web Pages in Firefox, Tutorial

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While working with Web Pages in Firefox

Basic actions:

  1. Save web Pages on your PC:
    • File-Save Page As
    • CTRL+S
  2. Send Link:
    • email the link of a web page to a friend
  3. Print settings:
    • modify the page's format ⁄margins ⁄headers

Video demonstration: Web pages in Firefox

3. Web Pages in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:06 save pages-Save Page As -File menu
00:10 example: Google page saved in Downloads folder
00:13 Downloads window displays - download is in progress
00:18 Downloads window - Open Containing Folder
00:23 Downloads folder - Opening Google, the Saved page from Downloads folder
00:38 save pages-shortcut
00:43 save pages- Save button
00:45 Downloads window displays
01:01 Send Link web page
01:06 Selecting Profile for Default Email Client which is Outlook in our case
how to change the Default Email Client: »video
01:09 Microsoft Outlook opens
Note: Subject field and the page URL have been automatically added
01:18 Print preview - ability to modify the settings before printing the page