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Firefox Tutorial

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1. Firefox Tabs, Tutorial

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While working with Tabs in Firefox

Basic actions:

  1. Open:
    • File-New Tab
    • CTRL+T
    • click on "+"
  2. Close:
    • click on "x"
    • right click 'Close other tabs'
    • close the browser
  3. Positioning

Video demonstration Firefox Tabs

1. Firefox Tabs, Tutorial

min video details
00:09 open New Tab -File menu
00:16 open New Tab -shortcut
00:20 open New Tab - '+'sign (easiest way)
00:27 close Tab - 'x' sign (easiest way)
00:31 close Tabs:
- right click-Close Other Tabs
(multiple tabs)
- right click-Close Tab (1 tab)
00:46 display Tabs
00:52 display Tabs on Top
00:56 close Browser