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4. Applications tab in Firefox, Tutorial

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Firefox » Tools menu » Options » Applications tab presented

Applications tab allows you to set your preferred content type ⁄ action association.For example: if you associate all documents Adobe Acrobat type with this action "Save File", each time your browser will encounter a PDF file while you surf the web, it will Save it automatically.

Two examples are presented in the video tutorial below:

  1. Example1 - Adobe Doc:
    • Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)
    • Use Adobe Reader
    • Save File
  2. Example2 - mailto: Set Default Email Client
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Yahoo Mail

Video demonstration Firefox: Applications tab

4. Applications tab in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:07 open Options window -Applications
00:15 ADOBE ACROBAT Documents:
00:19 a) Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)
00:22 testing Adobe Acrobat in Firefox
00:24 test result: ok
00:32 b) Use Adobe Reader (default)
00:35 testing Adobe Reader
00:37 test result: ok
00:50 c) save file
00:53 test
00:55 test result: ok (see Downloads window)
01:11 Default EMAIL CLIENT:
01:12 a) use Microsoft Outlook
01:18 testing mailto with Microsoft Outlook
01:19 test result: ok (Outlook opens)
01:35 b) use Yahoo Mail
01:38 testing mailto with Yahoo Mail
01:40 test result: ok (Yahoo Mail opens)