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Firefox Tutorial

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2. Add-ons in Firefox, Tutorial

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Install - Disable - Remove Add-ons in Firefox


  1. Open Add-ons Manager:
    • Tools → Add-ons
    • CTRL + Shift + A
  2. Select the add-on you want example: 'ImTranslator'
  3. Download the selected add-on
  4. Install the downloaded add-on ⁄use
  5. Disable ⁄Remove the installed add-on

Video demonstration Firefox Add-ons

2. Add-ons in Firefox, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 open 'Add-ons Manager' -Tools menu
00:10 open 'Add-ons Manager' -shortcut
00:15 example: add-on selected: 'ImTranslator'
00:20 example: download the add-on
00:28 example: install the add-on
00:30 example: restart Firefox
00:49 example: test the add-on
01:19 disable the add-on
01:21 restart Firefox
01:33 test: add-on disabled
01:38 remove the add-on