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3. Website on home server (XAMPP), accessed via localhost and Internal IP, Tutorial

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Create - place - access your website in XAMPP via localhost and internal IP


  1. create the website
  2. place it in htdocs folder »video
  3. access it via localhost
  4. access it via internal IP (if you're using a Router)


  1. at this time, the website can't be accessed via External IP, nor via domain name
  2. to be able to access your website via External IP: watch all 3 tutorials under GO ONLINE I menu »video
  3. to be able to access your website via Domain Name: watch all 3 tutorials under GO ONLINE II menu »video

Video demonstration: Access Website on server XAMPP via localhost and Internal IP

3. Access Website on server (htdocs), Tutorial

min video details
00:12 start creating your website
00:19 Learn: HTML5 and CSS. Also you'll probably need: JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL,..
00:23 Install a Text editor like Notepad++ to write markup ⁄code
00:28 use a Web Browser like Firefox to test the markup ⁄code
00:36 create a folder (our choice e.g. d0main1) within the htdocs folder and place your website there
00:56 for more details, watch a free video demo on htdocs folder, XAMPP here
01:16 access your website in XAMPP = on server
01:24 a) at this point, the website is accessible to us only, via localhost or our internal IP (router:
01:34 internal IP (router):
01:49 c) note: currently the domain does not point to our home server: Server not found
02:02 finding our external IP address (ip tracer ⁄locator)
02:14 note: currently the website is not accessible via our Public External IP
02:21 next: open port 80 tutorial