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1. Make your home PC a server, Tutorial

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How to make your home PC a web server


  1. download, install, launch XAMPP »video
  2. secure XAMPP »video

Minimum Requirements:

Video demonstration: Make your Home PC a Server

1. Make your home PC a server, Tutorial

min video details
00:11 download, install, launch and secure XAMPP
your home PC is now a server
00:14 when a PC is a server (XAMPP), hosts a website accesible via a real bought domain, it requires at least:
- a high speed bandwidth
- a reliable Internet connection
- a fixed IP
- the PC runs 24⁄7
- XAMPP runs 24⁄7 (Apache, MySQL started) ...
00:21 XAMPP free video demos on w3-video.com
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