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2. Secure phpMyAdmin, Tutorial

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How to Secure phpMyAdmin


  1. start Apache
  2. start MySQL
  3. access http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php
  4. add a password for admin user 'root'
  5. save & test

Video demonstration XAMPP: Secure phpMyAdmin

2. Secure phpMyAdmin, Tutorial

min video details
00:02 open XAMPP Control Panel
00:06 start Apache
00:15 Apache status: running
00:16 click on 'Admin' button
00:22 Note: password was required for xampp directory
If you want to know how to password protect xampp directory, click here for a video demo
00:26 xampp home page displays
00:30 let's check the Status
00:36 MySQL server not running (DEACTIVATED)
00:41 starting MySQL server
00:48 MySQL status: running
00:51 Status page - refresh
01:00 MySQL server running (ACTIVATED)
01:01 access 'Security' page
01:04 note: only XAMPP directory is protected (Status: SECURE)
01:08 we will do the same (protect) for phpMyAdmin and MySQL 'root' user
01:15 test: opening phpMyAdmin, no password requested
01:32 access Security page and click the link
01:43 supply a password for the admin user 'root' and phpMyAdmin
02:04 test ok: authentication required to access phpMyAdmin
02:11 note: we can't log in without a valid password
02:30 phpMyAdmin displays
02:32 log out from phpMyAdmin
02:42 accessing the Security page again to check if Status changed to SECURE
02:44 Status for MySQL 'root' user and phpMyAdmin: SECURE
02:58 test: accessing via public ip the phpMyAdmin page (password protected) from another pc
03:05 Authentication is Required