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6. Configure the DNS Client @dnsexit.com, Tutorial

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Configure the DNS Client: it manages the changes of our dynamic IP


  1. download the Dynamic DNS Client
  2. install the DDNS Client
  3. configure the DDNS Client
  4. test it

Video demonstration: Configure DNS Client

6. Configure DNS Client, Tutorial

min video details
00:03 Dynamic DNS Client for Windows: download, install, configure
00:17 Download Windows IP Updater 2.0 (we're on Windows)
00:38 Install the Client
01:03 DNS IP updater configuration wizard
01:07 provide the username and password of your dnsexit.com account
01:14 select your domain
01:20 check ip every: specify interval (depending on how often your IP changes)
01:27 finish
01:36 Logs tab: to see the IP updates
01:42 next: testing the DDNS