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5. Setup DNS Express for your domain, Tutorial

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DNS Express Setup


  1. add the NS of your DDNS to your domain DNS zone (Registrar account)
  2. create DNS for your domain
  3. edit DNS (add missing records if it's the case, e.g. MX record)
  4. verify DNS

Video demonstration: Setup DNS Express for domain

5. Setup DNS Express, Tutorial

min video details
00:03 Setup DSN Express @dnsexit.com
00:19 enter the doman name: d0main1.com (our case)
00:22 add your server's ip (external ip)
00:33 check box "IP address is dynamic"
00:35 click the button "Create DNS"
00:40 we already changed the NS of our domain into our Registrar account Enom
00:53 DNS Successfully cretaed for our domain
01:00 Edit DNS
01:06 A record, CNAME Record automatically created
01:08 next we will add an MX record (for mail) to our domain
01:38 verify DNS
01:53 next we will Download and configure the DDNS Client