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1. Secure XAMPP directory, Tutorial

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How to Secure the XAMPP directory


  1. start Apache
  2. access http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php
  3. add a user and a password
  4. save & test

Important Note: It is highly recommended to password protect your XAMPP directory (XAMPP home page) because it allows access to xampp security console from where you can add ⁄ change the passwords for: XAMPP directory, phpMyAdmin, MySQL root user.

Imagine a user from your network or an Internet user (if your localhost is Online) accessing your XAMPP directory through your public (external) ip, and password it in your place..

Video tutorial: How to hide your public (external) ip while surfing the web.

Video demonstration Secure XAMPP directory

1. Secure XAMPP directory, Tutorial

min video details
00:02 open XAMPP Control Panel
00:06 start Apache
00:10 Apache status: running
00:12 click on 'Admin' button
00:21 xampp home page displays
00:22 note: no password was required for xampp directory
00:23 click on 'Security' link
00:29 XAMPP pages - Status: UNSECURE
00:38 click the link
00:44 provide user and password for XAMPP directory
00:50 click the button: 'Make safe the XAMPP directory'
00:53 XAMPP directory is now protected
01:07 re-starting Apache to run a test
01:19 Authentication is Required to access xampp directory on your server
01:31 test: accessing via public ip the xampp directory (password protected) from another pc
01:39 Authentication is Required
01:43 without the right user and password we can't access it
01:51 type in the right user and password and the access it granted
02:00 our friend is using xampp 1.7.0