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2. Domain from Accredited Registrar - DNS Zone, Tutorial

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Buy domains from accredited Registrars, identify the DNS zone


  1. access ICANN: www.icann.org
  2. select Registrars
  3. access www.internic.net/regist.html
  4. select a Registrar
  5. verify if domain available; buy it
  6. log in to your Registrar account, identify the domain DNS zone

Video demonstration: Buy Domain from Accredited Registrar ⁄ identify DNS zone

2. Buy Domain Registrar - identify DNS Zone, Tutorial

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00:04 1. Buy a domain from an accredited Registrar
2. Registrar account: identify the domain DNS zone
00:36 All ICAN accredited Registrars: select a Registrar, verify the domain name you want to buy and if available register it
00:50 e.g. our test domain is: d0main1.com
currently does not point to a server
01:18 d0main1.com has been bought from (registered to) Registrar Enom
01:28 Enom is an accredited Registrar
01:43 Loging in to our Registrar account
02:02 d0main1.com: here we can edit the domain DNS
Note: each Registrar account of a domain has a DNS zone
02:06 next: website, htdocs, test tutorial