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1. XAMPP htdocs directory, Tutorial

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XAMPP htdocs directory = your web directory

htdocs is your web directory, the equivalent of "public_html" folder on a server. htdocs directory is where your website will be stored :

  1. how to quick access htdocs directory by creating a shortcut desktop icon
  2. how to upload a test website to the server within the htdocs directory
  3. how to test the website on server by accessing it from Browser's Navigation Toolbar

Video demonstration XAMPP: htdocs directory

1. XAMPP htdocs directory, Tutorial

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00:01 open XAMPP Control Panel
00:04 start Apache
00:12 access server
00:36 htdocs is your web directory; whatever you need to test on your server, place it inside this htdocs directory firstly
00:45 in our example, there's an index.php file inside htdocs directory which can be accessed on server like this: http://localhost/index.php or simply http://localhost/
01:02 we will access htdocs directory quite a lot, so let's create a desktop shortcut icon
01:10 htdocs shortcut created
01:21 click on the shortcut; htdocs directory opens
01:26 putting site 'x' on server (drag and drop it inside htdocs directory or simply copy/paste)
01:31 let's access site 'x' on server:
type in:
or simply
If you want to know how to password protect your localhost, click here for a video demo